Whatever, Forever​.​(​Nick Stutsman​/​Scott Switzer Split)

by Scott Switzer

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Nick Stutsman + Scott Switzer split



released September 2, 2011



all rights reserved


Scott Switzer Manistee, Michigan

I live in the woods, swim every day, ride bikes and skateboards.

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Track Name: Telescope
If dying's your greatest fear how can you ever live? try to step up the plate and show them what you've to give. Tell me are we in each-others dreams or is this real? Either way we're both here and i'm curious as to how you feel.

Tears fall from these cheeks onto my cardigan
you've gone and broke my fucking sailor heart again.
Starting and Stopping never really knowing when or if I will be ready for my big part to begin.

I used to look up to you so much i'd break my back, i'd crane my neck. You were so impressive, but now a nervous wreck. I'll say "so what, they'll spend their nights with friends, but still alone."
I'm just a dog at this point, with no god damn bone.

Remember red apple road when you had finally told of how you had stopped learning, but won't stop growing old? (eye)
You still know so much more than I, In mine you're made of gold.
the only thing keeping you here anymore is "i'm more bold"
Whats it to you if i'm not happy all the time?
It's healthy to get flustered killing hours just for the words to rhyme.
come December, will we miss the fall?
Am I trying to hard i'm not trying at all.
Track Name: White Pigeon
To all my friends; you're all dead ends and i've helped just to make you that way. But don't self loathe, just stoke your stoves, cause we'll all be ashes one day!
I'm sorry if i'm coming off as to blunt, i'm just fed up with putting on some fucked up front.
it feels so good to take in a genuine sense of self worth, to realize i'm not the only one with feelings on earth.
we'll all die alone!
run and build your homes!
cause it's all we've known!
you'll die alone and cold!